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Recovery of an Anime Junkie Podcast

Oct 7, 2020

Andrew and Sam catch up and talk about Rakugo Shinjuu, Carole and Tuesday, Ghibli movies and webtoons. Enjoy!

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s] Intro 
[0h11m55s] Main Topic Part - Sam Anime Chat
[1h18m56s] Outro and Info

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Andrew: @frigimonfanatic / @frigimonfanatic
Sam: @aerisceres /

Oct 2, 2020

Andrew and his friend Bcom catch up and then talk about the shows they might be watching from the Fall 2020 Anime.  Enjoy! 

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s] Intro 
[0h06m43s] Main Topic Part - Fall 2020 Anime
[1h02m33s] Outro and Info

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