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Recovery of an Anime Junkie Podcast

Jan 27, 2019

Its the 1 Year Anniversary of Recovery of an Anime Junkie Podcast and Andrew is joined by Bcom and Kat from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense Anime Podcast, Mandi from the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast and Brains from the Trash Pandas Watch Anime Podcast to catch up on what has transpired over the past year and also...

Jan 20, 2019

Andrew (@frigimonfanatic) talks about his favourite anime from 2018 and some of his not favourite anime of 2018. He also talks a little bit about finishing up Overlord S1 and going bowling. Enjoy!

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s] Intro
[0h05m05s] Main Topic Part - 2018 Faves
[0h57m04s] Outro and Info

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Jan 12, 2019

Andrew (@frigimonfanatic) talks about a bunch of anime he's seen recently and/or has completed recently, from fall 2018 shows that he finished up to High Score Girl and Sirius the Jaeger that netflix dropped right before christmas. Before all that, he talks some holiday stuff he did, seeing Spiderman Into...

Jan 3, 2019

Andrew (@frigimonfanatic) talks about 2018 and wishes the best for 2019. He also talks about some plans and some fun moments. Thanks! Enjoy!

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