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Recovery of an Anime Junkie Podcast

Nov 30, 2018

Andrew (@frigimonfanatic) talks about his recent trip to New York City for AnimeNYC. There are tales of escape rooms, drinks with friends, karaoke and watching silly videos. Before all that there is talking of the ReLife OVAs, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and the big Gundam 40th Anniversary announcements. 


Nov 21, 2018

Welcome to the first bloopers episodes; well funny enough its a collection of random conversations that were had before during and after the podcast recording for episode 1. It features silliness, seriousness, singing and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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Nov 15, 2018

Andrew (@frigimonfanatic) is joined by his friend Brian "Doc" Holidae (@PhantastiqCypha) from the Franklin Armstrong Collective to talk about his new found enjoyment in watching anime. We also talk about a lot of random tv shows such as Riverdale and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, try to create a My Hero...

Nov 12, 2018

Andrew (@frigimonfanatic) talks about the new Pokemon Detective Pikachu live action movie trailer that just dropped. He's clearly excited, to say the least. Enjoy!

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Andrew: @frigimonfanatic

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Nov 6, 2018

Andrew (@frigimonfanatic) is joined by his friend John (@lostcadence) to talk about his formative anime experience. Before all that, we talk about his recent trip to Japan and Andrew's lack of catchup to catch up. There's also a whole bunch of silly stories all throughout. Enjoy!

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